Mohammed Al Muharraqi

…Ever the thinker, on the rare occasion that he’s not devising masterful strategies and objectives for TARTEEB, spending quality time with his family or hanging out with the TARTEEB team, you’ll most probably find Al Muharraqi having a ton of fun buried in philosophical, sociological or historical works of literature.

As the strategic visionary and organizational force that defines the spirit behind TARTEEBs’ continued growth and success, Mohammed Al Muharraqi is responsible for some of the most exciting changes to Bahrain’s creative landscape.

Al Muharraqi refined his flair for organization and innovation throughout early adulthood by leading various high-profile, nation-wide campaigns & events, where he quickly realized the inherent value of a united team working under an integrated strategy. During this time of largely voluntary projects, Al Muharraqi simultaneously built up an impressive resume with GOYS, BIPA, Parliament’s HR Dept. & the MLSD.

Though amid a devalued, shrinking economy, Al Muharraqi naturally established TARTEEB as an Events Management Company. TARTEEB’s industry-seasoned founder applied a fresh, innovative mindset to the market and, in spite of the downturn, achieved remarkable growth for the whole supply chain; setting the way for TARTEEB to become the well-recognized market force that it is today.

Under Al Muharraqi’s direction, TARTEEB has expanded into a 100-strong workforce with over 2000 events to its name, multiple divisions & disciplines, a 750m² Production Workshop, sold-out live events, Bahrain’s biggest gaming event 5 years running and a roster of spectacular talent with a reach upwards of 30 million followers.

With a supportive company culture of professional excellence and a commitment to building attentive, long-term partnerships through a well-managed & fully-integrated services model, Al Muharraqi’s vision has grown TARTEEB into a formidable institution of creativity and progress.