TARTEEB’s Own Project


  • Imran Al Aradi
  • Khalid Janahi
  • Ahmed Al Matrook
  • Salah Abdulmajeed “Bovlix”
  • Omar Mahboob
Guest Talent
  • Ahmad Al Shammari
  • Ahmad “Bu Saif”
  • Mohammed Salah

Stuck in Traffic: Stand-up Comedy Show

2019’s Stuck in Traffic was a wildly popular 2-night stand-up comedy event entirely organized by us at TARTEEB.

Featuring a star-studded lineup of hilarious home-grown and regional talent, the show included live sketches and attracted huge audiences within a limited time-frame.

Our own Imran Al Aradi owned day 1’s headlining spot with his characteristic razor-sharp wit, marking his second comedy show special, and Khaled Janahi masterfully held the stage with expert hilarity in his second experience as a stand-up comedian.

A stunningly successful night of laughter and entertainment.