The terms & conditions are as follows:

1-      All winners are required to have an active KFHB account.

2-      Players are allowed to register only one team per CPR.

3-      Each team will be played solo (i.e. one player per team).

4-      A player must be a resident of Bahrain or a Saudi, Emirati, Kuwaiti, Omani National.

5-      All matches must be played using the official “Online Squads” option.

6-      No player will be allowed to use “Legacy” defending. If a player is caught using “legacy” defending, he/she will be disqualified, and the opponent will advance to the next round.

7-      Unless announced otherwise via KFHB or KFH Jazeel Instagram account, the registration window will close after 2 weeks from the announcement date.

8-      Each set of fixtures will be played within a 30 minute window. Any player who does not upload the results of his/her respective match will be disqualified along with his match’s opponent.

9-      All winners will be announced on KFHB and KFH Jazeel Instagram Account. Kindly make sure to follow the Instagram accounts @kfh.bahrain and @kfhjazeel

10-   Customers will be contacted on their registered mobile numbers to verify their account numbers and inform them of their prizes.

11-   No player shall give the control of play to another play. If so, he/she will be disqualified.

12-   No games are played during the prayers timing.

13-   All players should abide to good manners and behavior.

14-   The “half length” of each match shall be 6 minutes.


Any violations of the above conditions will have serious consequences in the tournament.